Canadian Economic Growth On Track

Despite the high dollar, earthquakes in Japan, and general instability in the global financial markets, the Canadian economy is chugging right along and even slightly exceeding its growth targets so far in 2011.

This RTT News wire provides more of the statistical facts for those that are interested…

The challenge with growth is are you growing at the right speed to keep inflation in check and interest rates from rising.

And while the Bank Of Canada governor Mark Carney has mentioned that there is still considerable lack in the economy, capacity is being used up slightly faster than projected.

So for now, its likely that business financing interest rates aren’t going anywhere in Canada.

But that could change in the second half of 2011, especially if the economy stays on its current growth pace.

This is in keeping with what we have been hearing now for the last several months.

With commercial lenders loosening up the purse strings to some degree these days, now is a good time to be locking in the current rates if you have any fixed interest term lending facilities.

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