Business Financing Toronto Ontario

“Do You Have a Toronto Based Business That Requires Business  Financing?”

One thing about operating a business and having a business financing requirement in Toronto, there are no shortage of commercial financing options available to you.

The Big smoke is the center of the Canadian financing universe with several lenders present in virtually every conceivable business financing classification.

Because of the population concentration within 50 miles of down town Toronto, many sources of business loans, leases, and equity investment don’t even consider deals immediately outside of the Greater Toronto Area and prefer to only work on projects in their own back yard.

As a result, the physical location of the business, especially for anything that is asset intensive, will have significantly more financing options within the GTA area than even a short distance beyond its boundaries.

Because many sources of biz financing come from what we refer to as boutique lenders (niche focused sources of financing with typically one physical location and limited staff), there is a need for the business to be close enough for the lender to do a sight visit in the application stage of the process as well as to be able to easily come out to the location to monitor the account or work through issues that may arise.

Of course all the national lenders are also going to be present in the Toronto area. But the presence of this higher concentration of niche lenders compared to other areas of the country can provide many more short term and long term financing options to a business that would not otherwise be available if they were located even a 100 miles away from the GTA.

These expanded lender options also extend to private mortgage lenders that have a much higher concentration in Toronto than anywhere else in the country. Because of the woes of the stock market over the last decade, there are more and more people becoming private mortgage lenders to gain a more predictable and secure return, especially those in the baby boomer category that are at or near retirement and have a desire to reduce the overall risk level of their investment portfolio.

As a result of all the new entrants into the market, private mortgage financing has gotten more and more competitive, especially for small and medium sized commercial properties where private mortgage lenders can come close to rivaling bank interest rates in some cases.

All of this provides more choices for Toronto based businesses which can allow business owners and managers to consider different business financing strategies to meet their capital needs.

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