Commercial Financing Assessment

“Commercial Financing Success Is Born In The Initial Assessment Process”

If you’re looking to locate and secure commercial financing for your business, regardless of the form of financing, then you may want to consider how important starting off in the right direction can be.

First of all, when I say different forms of financing, sometimes there can be a variety of different ways to leverage your assets and cash flow to get the business financing you’re looking for. The different forms of financing will also vary in how they are applied by any particular lender, so the combinations of potential solutions can be considerable at times.

On the flip side, the potential combination of solutions can also be a real smoke screen in that many of what you might consider to be potential options are not options at all due to the way you’re financing request and business financing profile align with a particular lender’s requirements at any given point in time.

Enormous amounts of time can be wasted chasing the wrong solution, and in many cases a suboptimal solution is selected because of time constraints or due to the business owner or business manager’s lack of understanding with respect to what was available to them in the market place.

So the first step towards commercial financing success starts with an accurate assessment of your business financing requirements and your financing and credit profile.

Each lender will have lending/funding criteria that you’re going to have to meet to get approved and funded.

If you’re financing and credit profiles do not meet these requirements for specific lenders, then they need to be quickly eliminated from the selection process of sources of commercial financing to pursue.

Therefore, it becomes critical to business financing success that you understand where you financing request fits into the market before you start applying to commercial lending sources.

But this initial assessment process can be hard to self assess if you aren’t actively involved in the market and aren’t grounded in what the current lending/funding requirements are for a given lender or lending category.

To avoid making the whole process a hit a miss approach, you would do well to consider the services of a business financing specialist who can perform the key initial assessment with you to best determine the financing target you need to be focusing in on.

This can not only save you months of time, but also allow you to successfully locate and secure financing in the time period you have to work with. Too often additional costs are incurred or transactions are lost due to the inability to get commercial financing in place when required.

If you are in need of commercial financing for your business, regardless of the application or the assets and cash flow you have to leverage, I suggest you give me a call so I can quickly assess your situation and provide relevant commercial financing options for your consideration.

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