No Such Thing As Easy Money

“When Looking For Business Financing, There Is No Such Thing As An Easy Deal, A Simple Process, Or a Certain Approach To Getting Money”

Ok, so perhaps this is a slight exaggeration as I probably can recall a few business financing deals I’ve worked on over the years that went fairly smoothly, got closed on time, and provided the business owner with what they were looking for without any grief.

I can also easily count these situations on one hand and have some fingers left over.

The process for securing capital, especially since the most recent recession is gotten harder to achieve in most cases, most of the time. Its not that everything can’t fall into place with a funding process, its just not likely to happen and you need to plan for some challenges, costs, and time.

The basic adage is to prepare for the worst and be pleasantly surprised when everything comes together without a hitch.

This may seem like very pessimistic, the glass is half full kind of thinking and it is. But in all my years of working in this business, there is virtually no such thing as an easy deal. Easy deals or easy flowing money falls into the 1% probability category slightly ahead of your odds for winning the lottery.

The take away message here is not that is all gloom and doom and that you’re not going to get the capital you require.

No, that’s definitely not what I’m saying.

What I continuously tell business owners is to get committed to the process as early on as possible and then stay invested in it as long as required and provide the resources and time necessary to increase the probability of a positive result.

In many cases, the business financing process is grossly over simplified and under estimated by entrepreneurs who would rather stick needles in their eyes than have to develop a detailed financial knowledge about any financing request they need to make. Money is a necessary evil that shouldn’t be that hard to come by, or so the thought process goes.

Unfortunately, this thought process eventually leads to failure in many cases in that money that gets secured tends to come from the path of least resistance which is typically not the most ideal form of funding available which can start the business into a death spiral it may never recover from as it continually takes on poorly suited forms of capital that will only reduce the probability of profitable results.

And when I say you need to commit to the “process”, the process is whatever is required and however long it takes to get the right match of money and opportunity.

If you say you don’t have the time for what’s required, then start the process earlier, get farther ahead of when capital is required, avoid being backed into a corner and forced to take what you can get.

Finding easy money that fits your requirements when you need it is always possible. But is it probable?

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