The Unpredictability Of Commercial Financing

I  got a call from a customer with not untypical cash flow management issues and was looking for more alternatives to try and solve his problem.

What I really liked about our discussion, is that this guy understood his business cold and could tell me instantly anything I asked during  my qualifying process on the phone, providing the information off the top of his head.

After this type of discussion, I never have any doubt that the client is going to be successful in their business because they have clearly been able to quickly and effectively demonstrate their intimate knowledge of what’s important as well as the things they are doing to grow the business and protect cash flow.

The challenges in this case was rapid growth and how to properly cash flow more sales, which is not an uncommon problem by any stretch with small business owners.

The business owner had also been surveying and studying his financing options in the market and had an above average grasp of where the capital markets are at and what types of options and financing structure where available to him.

Yet despite his above average knowledge level with respect to business financing and how the market in general would view funding his business, he still hadn’t been able to get proper funding in place, even though he’d been working at it for about 6 months.

This is becoming a more and more common theme in the phone calls I get these days.

The commercial financing market is not only hard to understand at times, but right now its almost impossible to predict.  And even when you have a business in a “finance-able” position with a totally on top of it business owner, there still can be a lot of art and science into the process of locating and securing financing that the business needs.

More specifically, deal positioning, deal timing, and financial support documentation are now much more critical to lenders than any time in recent memory.

And while I am confident that the caller is more than capable of figuring everything out on his own, how much more time can he invest in the process and how is that time investment impacting his growth strategy?

If you’re business is making money and the only thing blocking you from making more money is capital, the it makes a great deal of sense to pay for the expertise required to keep the business properly funded versus losing out on the future profits lost from mucking around with something that is not only difficult to understand at times, but almost impossible to predict.

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customer called me to discuss options, had them figured out, but still didn’t know what to do