Action is Based On Urgency

It seems that in about 95% of the business financing cases I work on with business owners and managers, there is no action to secure a business finance solution without a certain amount of urgency being present.

On one hand, we can say that’s just human nature, that people in general require a sense of urgency or immediate need to take action.

But in the world of business financing, this is becoming more and more of a problem as lenders continue to take a more conservative approach in 2010 out the backside of the current recession.

The result is that debt financing is not getting secured in time to close deals, shore up cash flow, finance growth, and so on.  None of this is good for business owners or the economy in general.

Business owners and business managers have been conditioned to believe that getting a business loan of any size or structure can be done in matter of days or weeks.   So the process for even applying for financing has typically been delayed until the 11th hour.

The need for urgency is pretty much always required in that once someone makes the decision to pursue some amount of business capital for their company, there is a need to focus in on the process and stay dialed in until its completed.  Making a half hearted effort towards putting an information package together, not studying the financial metrics to demonstrate your business knowledge, and poor follow up and follow through on all requests for additional information can dramatically reduce the chances of success.

So while urgency and focus is a good thing, the timing of the action needs to be adjusted to achieve better results more often.

If we go back to the analogy of a clock and time left until money is required, business owners and managers have to reset their timing mechanism to not take action at the 11th hour, but at the 9th or 10th hour instead.

Perhaps its psychologically difficult  for many to develop a sense of urgency earlier on in the process of seeking financing, but this behavioral correction needs to take place in order to avoid greater financial distress when an appropriate source of funding cannot be located and secured in the time required.

Those that start earlier, with a sense of urgency, will get rewarded more times than not.

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