How To Secure Business Loans

“Business Loans For Small and Medium Sized Business Are Secured By Preparation and Presentation”

There is an abundance of information on the web telling you how to game the system to secure a business loan or business credit, or how if you buy this book or pay this fee in advance, even the most clueless business person, or wannabe business owner, with the worst credit can secure business financing in no time flat.

Come on!

Yes, there are certainly ways to game the system. And you can get away with some sneaky credit application strategies that can get you lines of credit and term loans.

But like any loan, if you don’t have a solid plan to pay it back, you’re going to go into default on your repayment obligations and then what?

The path to financing a new or existing business starts with preparation. All businesses carry risk, and the people who lend out money want it back plus a return. So the inherent risks associated with any venture need to be understood and managed or why would anyone in their right mind issue a business loan?

For those that do issue questionable business loans, they don’t tend to do it for very long as risk catches up to the borrowers and the lenders portfolio turns to dust supporting the saying that a fool and his money are soon parted.

Preparation also helps the borrower better understand what he or she is getting into and perhaps may end up talking themselves out of getting a loan once they stand at a place where a truly informed decision is being made.

Unfortunately for many, preparation takes work and its far easier to plow ahead with an idea versus a well thought out strategy and tactical execution plan, find any source of money that can be had, and give it a go.

Good luck with that approach.

The other side of preparation is presentation. A lender or investor not only want to see that you thoroughly understand your own business or business opportunity, they also want you to convey the information in a form that they understand and can easily relate to.

Too often presentations provide excessive opportunities for lenders or investors to make assumptions or draw conclusions that may not be accurate or valid. This is a great way for an otherwise “finance-able” business loan request to get turned down.

Business loans aren’t easy to secure most of the time. There is art and science involved in the process of business financing procurement. Short cuts tend to lead to disaster more often than to success.

If you’re planning to be in business for the long haul, then its important to learn about, and constantly become better at, business loan preparation and presentation.

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