Leveraging Available Equity

“How To Best Access The Capital Tied Up In Your Assets”

Business is and will always be about leverage. The ability to leverage both human and capital resources is the cornerstone to being able to grow and scale profitable business operations.

Yet the challenge with leverage is that its hard to stay on top of what balance sheet structure is best for your business at a given point in time. There is definitely a need to think ahead as what makes sense today may not work tomorrow.

For instance, if the business is going through a bit of a down turn and cash flow is or will be stretched, its far better to start working out how to leverage your available leverage early on even when its not completely clear as to how things will place out versus waiting until you have a problem.

Equity based financing under distress is not only going to be harder to come by, but its going to cost more as well. The worst part is that if you do hold good quality assets and the business does have a strong plan for improving financial performance, its easy to also overpay on equity financing due to the time constraints you could be under from leaving the process too long.

Even when everything is going well, the bank or institutional lender you’re working with today may not be interested in funding future growth which may come as a surprise when you least expect it.

The point here is that optimal financial leverage needs to be an endless pursuit on the part of the business owner and/or business manager. And leverage is always going to be based on the amount of debt financing you can secure against some combination of the paid in and market value of the equity in the business.

The second point is that regardless if your in a survival mode or a growth mode, its easy to pay too much for business financing due to a lack of time available to conduct the process.

And the third point is that today’s lender is not necessarily going to be tomorrows lender so you always have to be cultivating what will be the next best fit for the business as the business changes and the overall economy changes around it.

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