Toronto Asset Based Lenders

“There Are A Wide Variety Of Toronto Asset Based Lenders In The Market Place”

Toronto asset based lenders come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, each focused on a particular slice of the market. The bases of asset based lending is a clear understanding of the underlying assets being financed and the means to secure and take action to reclaim value in the event of default.

Because there are several different types of assets that can be deployed in a given business, there can be several different asset based lenders providing business financing solutions that can be relevant to your requirements.

The other key aspect of asset based lenders is the risk level they service. Risk levels are assigned by business financial performance and asset type. For instance, there are working capital asset based programs that are provided by major banks as a way to provide greater financial leverage to their large corporate clients that can’t fit into the leverage limits of the banks traditional corporate lending programs. These programs come at prime plus and are typically limited to financing facilities with a minimum working capital requirement of $10,000,000.

When a business does not qualify for big bank working capital asset based financing, the next level of asset based lending that provides similar levels of leverage can see the rates shoot up to between 12% and 18% requiring certain margins and cash flow turnover ratios to make the cost of financing work.

Toronto asset based lenders exist for different specific assets and asset combinations. Each lendng model is based on the lenders ability to monitor higher ratio and/or higher risk lending from a cash flow perspective and to predictably liquidate assets held as security in the event of loan default.

Like with any lending model, the greater the risk and the more unique the lending application, the higher the related interest rate you can expect. Many Toronto asset based lenders will also work within a certain loan size range with larger loan amounts being provided by fewer lenders for each type of asset based requirement.

In situations where a business has considerable amounts of receivables, inventory, equipment, and real estate, there can be several different Toronto asset based lender options to consider, each with its own potential unique pricing and terms of use.

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